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Practical CodeIgniter 3 Released

My new book about making the most of CodeIgniter 3 is out!

First, I've released another round of bug fixes for Bonfire:

  • 0.7.6 includes CodeIgniter 2.2.3, but allows you to use CI 3.x; this release is intended primarily to support sites built on CI v2.x which are being migrated to CI3.
  • 0.8.2 includes CodeIgniter 3.0, but allows you to use CI 2.x; this release is intended primarily for new sites or those which have already been migrated to CI3.

Other than the default version of CodeIgniter included, there are only a small number of differences between the two versions of Bonfire.

Notes on Bonfire's Branches on GitHub

This may be confusing for some users, but, in order to continue supporting 0.7.x and 0.8.x while developing future versions of Bonfire, I've added some branches in GitHub:

  • Development branches:
    • 0.7-dev - The development branch for 0.7.x
    • 0.8-dev - The development branch for 0.8.x
    • develop - The development branch for v0.9+
  • Release branches:
    • 0.7.6 - The current 0.7.x release
    • master - The current 0.8.x release (0.8.2)

This leads to a couple more announcements...

Bonfire Plans

Minimum PHP Version

As previously requested, a few users have provided feedback regarding the minimum version of PHP used in Bonfire. Given the current feedback, I've moved the develop (v0.9+) branch to a minimum PHP version of 5.4. Moving to 5.5 is currently planned for Summer 2016.

The 0.7.x and 0.8.x branches will remain at a minimum PHP version of 5.3.

Feature Freeze on 0.7.x and 0.8.x

The 0.7-dev and 0.8-dev branches are now bugfix-only branches. While this is not quite as strict as CodeIgniter's status on the 2.x branch (which currently receives only security fixes), there will be no new features or major code changes in the 0.7.x and 0.8.x lines.

Versions 0.7.x and 0.8.x will continue receiving bug fixes until October 31, 2015 (the EOL date for CI2). After that, 0.8.x will continue receiving bug fixes, but 0.7.x will end. If there's no demand for continued support of PHP 5.3, I'll probably close out 0.8.x by the end of the year.


The develop branch (0.9+) will start removing support for CI2 and code deprecated before 0.7.4/0.8.0. I'm also hoping that we can start making it easier to replace Bootstrap v2.x on the admin pages, eventually allowing the bootstrap3 branch to be merged and/or go away.

As usual, I have a lot of plans for Bonfire's future, and I'm happy to see that people continue to try it out and come forward with new bug reports and ideas for new features.