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Practical CodeIgniter 3 Released

My new book about making the most of CodeIgniter 3 is out!

As part of the in-progress 0.7.1 release, I've rewritten the modular code that we use from the ground up. Let me clear that up. I didn't write most of the code. It's an combination of WireDesignz' HMVC code and jenssegers' HMVC code.

Additionally, this does include a new Route class that provides very much improved routing for your CodeIgniter apps.

Why the Rewrite?

The primary reason for the rewrite was to allow for a more complete separation between the core Bonfire code and your application. To do that, required hacking some core files, so I thought it was time to move the routing system into being a core part of the system as a whole, not just an addon. This gives us lots of opportunity for the future to improve things as we need to.

Second, though, was the integration of a new, light-weight menu system that is going to be taking care of the admin menus in this next release. This is going to let us revisit the way that we handle Contexts currently, and the new Route class is a core part of that.

Basically, it was time.

We Need You

Before we can make this one official, though, we need to have it tested out. It's working for Bonfire, but it is intended to be a nearly invisible replacement of the Loader and Router. That's where you come in. Give the modules branch a spin and [let us know]( if you run into any errors with it.