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Practical CodeIgniter 3 Released

My new book about making the most of CodeIgniter 3 is out!

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It’s been a long slog to get here, with the team ebbing and flowing between busy jobs and new team members, but the Bonfire Team is thrilled to announce that version 0.6 is ready for the prime time.

However, we couldn't have done it without the awesome commits that have come in from the community as a whole. This project isn't just ours... it's building a tool we all can use to make our lives easier. And you all have done a fantastic job of helping to make that tool better. Thank you so much for everything.


The new release brings a massive truck load of changes, both under the hood and visually. So let’s take a quick look at some of the bright new shinys that you’ll get to start your projects on now.

When we started working on this release one theme seemed to keep coming back to us: If it’s going to be changed, let’s change it now and get it set the way we want it so that we have an awesome base to build on. We believe we’ve managed to do this and create a much more flexible, powerful base for your new applications. As we’ve built more apps based on the current code, changes keep getting made to make those projects not only possible, but a delight to work with. We hope you like it.


Whlie the old UI of the admin area had it’s own type of charm, we felt it was time for something new. Something that had taken the development world by storm and was a library that has many of the things you need for a brilliant site already built in.

Say Hello to Bootstrap.

Twitter’s Bootstrap library has been used in both the default and admin themes, bringing a whole new look and feel to your apps. It’s something a bit more traditional-feeling than what used to be there. Moving to a whole new look does make upgrading your 0.5.x-based sites pretty tough, we realize that. But we think it’s worth it.


It used to be that a lot of settings existed in the application.php config file. While that worked for many instances, it was a bit of a pain when it came to securing your application and forcing you to keep the config file writeable. So we removed a number of those and put them into the database where they’re much easier to get to from the user’s view point.

That meant that a new way to access your settings were needed. Enter $settings_lib. This new library is modeled after CodeIgniter’s Config library so you should feel right at home.

Code Builder

In previous versions we had the Module Builder. And it worked great to build a starting point for a new module very quickly. We realized, though, that it’s not enough. It could do more. This release features the first baby steps in expanding the possibilities and introduces a new Context Builder that makes creating a new context a very simple thing indeed.

In future releases we plan on modularizing the Code Builder even more so that it’s easy to drop in new ‘Generators’ that plug right into the UI and can be used to build things we can only imagine right now.

User Enhancements

Users have seen a lot of attention this go around, and get a big boost in two main areas: registration and meta fields.

  • When a new user signs up at your site, you can now require that they activate their account via either email or by having an administrator approve them.
  • You can set the requirements for the strictness of user’s passwords right in the settings page.
  • Built into the user_model, you can now store and retrieve custom fields for users, like address, phone number, shirt size, or whether they think Hans shot first.

Translation Utility

We know that Bonfire is used around the world and have had a number of users do partial translations in the past. Unfortunately, the rate of change makes that difficult for volunteer translators to keep up with. So, we thought we’d make things a bit easier for you and built a translations UI that makes it simple to translate every string in every module (including your own modules!). You can even export them for other users or just for a backup.

But wait, that’s not all!

This short list highlights the major changes to the app, but doesn’t come close to telling everything. There’s been many small bug-fixes and improvements, a slew of security enhancements, and little helpful methods scattered throughout the libraries that make them a bit easier to use in your own code.

We’re thrilled to be able to release this today and get it in your hands. I can’t wait to see what you are going to create with this! (When you do, drop us a line. We’d love to post an short interview with you about it.)

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today and get building.